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Cost-effective lighting control from Crestron

THE DIN-1DIM4 rail-mounted lighting control module offers four channels of dimming.

Part of the Green Light range, DIN rail modules are said to be highly efficient, requiring only a fraction of the space of a traditional equipment rack while remaining accessible from the front of the enclosure. Systems are custom configurable and easy to install: modules simply snap onto the DIN rail in the cabinet.

No tools are required and connections are made simply using Phoenix-style connectors. A single DIN-1DIM4 supports 120V, 230V and 277V leading-edge (forward phase) electronic low voltage, incandescent, neon/cold cathode, magnetic low voltage, dimmable 2-wire fluorescent, and non-dimmable lighting up to 5A per channel (10A total).

Crestron’s zero cross filter technology is said to offer greater immunity to noise on the power line, reducing lamp flicker and compensating for fluctuations in line voltage and frequency.