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Community R-Series engaged for London 2012 Olympics

A large number of Community R Series loudspeaker systems were selected for multiple event venues at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Community has revealed the extent of involvement that its high power R-Series loudspeakers had at the London 2012 Olympics, with the systems installed in venues including the Handball Arena, Basketball Arena and Main Olympic Stadium. The professional audio manufacturer, which has supplied the R-Series to F1 tracks, NASCAR stadia and for previous summer and winter Olympic Games, deployed around 230 of the systems for London 2012, with the loudspeaker systems also fitted in the Water Polo Centre, and Outdoor Water Sports Centre. The five models implemented at the London 2012 Olympic venues were the R2, R1, R.5, R.5COAX and R.25. These were configured with a variety of dispersion patterns to provide the coverage each location required. The long-throw R2 is a powerful three-way system, comprising dual 12in LF drivers, 2in M200 midrange drivers and a high compression 1in HF. Meanwhile the medium/long throw R1 is a two-way system, comprising a 12in driver and high compression 1in HF. And, finally, the R.5, R.5COAX and R.25 are compact systems, the R.5 and R.5COAX being two-way 12in units and the R.25 a two-way 8in system.