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Coemar illuminates Mardan Palace

Equipment from the Italian lighting company has been specified in the meeting and party areas of the Antalya, Turkey, resort.

Equipment from the Italian lighting company has been specified in the meeting and party areas of the Antalya, Turkey, resort. Developed with an emphasis on luxury, the resort combines Ottoman-flavour gold colours and finishes with the clean-cut lines of European design – a striking aesthetic that prompted the supply of customised Coemar equipment.

Coemar equipment features in a variety of areas across the resort. In the jazz bar, the stage is entirely lit by Coemar LEG products, including: 36 Pinlites, each featuring 12 1.2W Luxeon LEDs; six I Wash LED moving heads, each featuring 37 LEDs in the three RGB colours, plus white for tone variation; and ten StripLites with RGB LED sources to illuminate the backdrop.

High-power units customised in white have been specified in the resort club. For the core spec, 16 I Spot 1200 moving heads with CMY colour mixing are complemented by eight I Spot 575 MBs, eight Infinity Wash XLs and six C4 Strobo units. In addition, 580 PCB 3 RGB LEDs highlight the details of the niches and private areas.

A wide variety of fixtures are available for use in the multi-purpose Grand Hall, including 40 ParLites, each fitted with 36 LEG light sources. Twelve gold Pinlites, eight white Infinity XLs (with 1400W lamps) and, for effects, ten Pro Spot 250 LX devices are also part of the lighting spec in this area.

Rounding out Mardan Palace’s Coemar inventory, the stone-constricted amphitheatre features four Panorama Power lights to illuminate the wide backdrop, each of which is fitted with two 575W lamps. A total of 110 Risalto units with PC and Fresnel lenses are installed on the truss above the stage, while other fixtures in the amphitheatre include eight I Spot 1200s, ten I Wash 575 MBs, and ten Pro Spot 250 LXs.

“We are proud of the work we have done at Mardan Palace,” commented Coemar sales and marketing manager Fausto Orsatti. “In fact, we have succeeded in brilliantly solving the needs of the architects and light designers called in to create unique settings for a world elite.”

Taking stock of the overall install market, Coemar’s export sales area manager, Filippo Frigeri, told IE: “In 2010 the professional installation field suffers the overall difficult economic situation as there aren’t as many investments as before. In this context, the high-profile installations are rediscovering the significance of the pre-sale and after-sale services, other than the products’ quality. These are the real added values, and Coemar, thanks to its experience and its technicians’ know-how, can provide a service which ensures a healthy and lasting investment.”