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Clear-Com illuminates solar eclipse coverage

Leveraging its Eclipse HX Digital Matrix intercom system and Agent-IC mobile app software, Clear-Com helped TV stations necessary to broadcast live from from Dallas, Texas

Clear-Com played a pivotal role in the coverage of the recent solar eclipse earlier this April. Leveraging its Eclipse HX Digital Matrix intercom system and Agent-IC mobile app software, Clear-Com provided the television stations NBC KXAS and Telemundo KXTX with the tools necessary to deliver live broadcasts from the heart of the action at Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas.

The solar eclipse carried significant scientific and cultural importance. Astronomically, it provided researchers with a rare opportunity to study the sun’s corona and its effects on the earth’s atmosphere. Clear-Com’s communication solutions facilitated real-time coordination and communication among broadcasters. Beyond its scientific value, the eclipse brought people together to witness a natural phenomenon of great beauty.

Martin Dzurenko, engineer at NBC KXAS and Telemundo KXTX, said: “We utilised Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX Digital Matrix intercom system and Agent-IC software to facilitate 28 live shots, seamlessly transmitting content back to our studios. The flexibility of Agent-IC running on iPads and cell phones allowed our producers to efficiently produce the shows while maintaining constant communication with the studio.”

Delaney Duffey, engineer at NBCUniversal, added: “Clear-Com’s technology played a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication and coordination, allowing us to capture the magic of this celestial event and share it with audiences worldwide.”

Clear-Com’s Agent-IC app, utilised by both station producers and on-the-ground anchors, provided real-time communication and monitoring capabilities, ensuring smooth coordination throughout the broadcast. John Kruman, business development manager, Clear-Com, highlighted the significance of Agent-IC in enhancing the production workflow.

“Our Agent-IC technology empowered broadcasters to stay connected and in control, whether on-site or remotely,” said John. “We are proud to have played a crucial role in enabling NBC KXAS and Telemundo KXTX to deliver exceptional coverage of this monumental event.”