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Cartersville Church of God installs Renkus-Heinz VARIA

Renkus-Heinz modular point source line arrays have been installed at the first Cartersville Church, Georgia, US, after the original system struggled with the space's challenging acoustics.

The first Cartersville Church of God at Liberty Square, Cartersville, Georgia, has selected the latest Renkus-Heinz VARIA modular point source line array for its new audio solution.

The 1700-seat fan-shaped auditorium offered both exquisite aesthetics and challenging acoustics for Canton, Georgia-based integrator Cornerstone Media Group, which was tasked with the install. Because of these factors, the original audio system had long struggled with inconsistent coverage and poor intelligibility.

“There was a tremendous change in tonality from the main floor to the balcony area,” explained Kent Morris, principal of Cornerstone Media Group. “The main floor was very bright – almost excessively so in some areas – while the balcony seats were getting almost no high-frequency content. The mix position is located in the balcony area, which made it very difficult for the tech team to mix.” Morris added that the old system also created a visual impediment for some of the balcony seats.

The new sound system centres on left and right arrays of the new VARIA modular point source line array system from Renkus-Heinz. Each array is comprised of eight VARIA VA101-series boxes, with coverage patterns ranging from 7º to 22º. VA15S and PN212 subwoofers add low-frequency power and punch, and three CF61 compact two-way boxes provide front fill.

“The fact that VARIA enables you to taper the coverage pattern was a key factor for us. It really provided the most consistent tonality, with no harsh spots and no dead zones,” commented Morris.

The system is networked via Dante over Ethernet, with several manufacturers’ technologies working together. A Yamaha CL5 console was deployed front of house with the addition of a monitor console down on the floor. This is tied together with RHAON. The team also added some devices to their existing MediaMatrix NION system.