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Carousel Digital Signage unveils tvOS App

The Carousel App for Apple TV has been developed by Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf to offer ease of configuration and deployment of devices.

Carousel Digital Signage has introduced the Carousel App for Apple TV, offering what the company claims is unparalleled ease of configuration and deployment of devices.

“Anyone running a digital signage network, whether they are a small school district or a large enterprise network operating across hundreds of locations, can now use Apple’s powerful, compact set-top boxes as their media players, with no compromises,” said Eric Henry, president, Carousel Digital Signage, a division of Tightrope Media Systems.

The consumer devices offer an affordable and reliable option for district IT professionals and network operators, bolstered by an integration partnership between Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf, a device management provider that specialises in helping IT departments bring the Apple experience to corporate, education and government organisations.

The Jamf integration allows the Carousel App and Apple TVs running on a digital signage network to be monitored and managed as remote IT appliances. Operators can now deploy and run large-scale networks, delivering HD and 4K content, on widely available, low-cost devices that present few of the management complications, reliability risks or security implications of full PC-based media players.

“The user experience is slick and simple for setting up and managing Apple TV devices as media players,” explained Henry. “To get started, systems integrators and technology managers can go to the Apple tvOS App Store, get the Carousel App, point it at a Carousel server, and away they go. The learning curve is quick to be up and running with a very well-established, powerful digital signage platform.”

Henry added: “The integration we’ve developed between Jamf Pro and Carousel is the real story. Centralised control of Apple TV devices saves time and takes away a lot of the potential headaches involved in running large networks, allowing district IT, network operators and end users to focus more on the messages being delivered to their screens. It even offers the ability to disable AirPlay to deliver important messages with the click of a button.”

Jamf is a leading Apple device management solution in K-12 schools, making the education sector particularly well-suited for the Carousel App. But the company believes the same capabilities and benefits can be applied to corporate campuses and other enterprise-class deployments that want to add our digital signage, or transition their network to a lower cost, more reliable and easily managed solution.

“The overall strategy of this integration is to make scaling digital signage networks more affordable, and simplify the overall deployment, management and workflow for customers who desire to leverage the Apple platform,” stated Henry. “The simplicity of the overall customer experience in marrying our digital signage with the Apple ecosystem is game-changing.