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Brightsign delivers content and control for curved LED wall

BrightSign and Project Audio Visual have collaborated on a 30sqm videowall install that forms the frontage of a redeveloped Reading shopping centre with Brightsign media players driving the curved LED wall.

Atlantis Group, new owners of King’s Walk Shopping Centre in Reading sought a solution that could catch the eye of passers-by and attract business away from a newer nearby retail mall.

Steve Hudson, sales director, Project Audio Visual explained: “With head chefs coming over from France in one instance, the overall finish needed to be spectacular. King’s Walk is a building with a lot of character, and the round tower over the entrance is a very attractive feature. We knew that by wrapping a curved videowall around it, we would create a feature that was the talk of the town ­ and couldn’t fail to create an impression.

“The plan was to present eye catching and engaging content about the businesses inside the facility to add a bit of personality to visitors’ experiences. Animated visual displays are proven to be far more engaging and effective than traditional signage. The benefits of a curved LED wall are endless, with the curtain making the content on show accessible to a wider audience when situated in a public space.”

Hudson added: “The challenge was to create a wall that fitted perfectly around the pillar at the front of the establishment, giving it a seamless finish. We always leave the configuration of curved LED walls completely up to the customer. From the wall size and resolution, to the brightness and the position of the displays, we ensure each element is customisable to our client’s requirements. The CEO of the soon to be Atlantis Village was meticulous in his planning and requirements, meaning that we had a detailed blueprint to stick to.”

Project Audio Visual used a curved Linso LED videowall, measuring just short of six metres tall by almost five metres wide. The videowall is non-standard with 640 x 896 resolution and 6mm pixel pitch.

Project Audio Visual turned to BrightSign for players to deliver content to the screens. BrightSign not only offers full HD video quality and a solid state platform, but fully configurable screen resolution, allowing the player to be set for the target screen. The players are also capable of showing 3D stereo content, and scheduling and content can be controlled remotely by the Atlantis Village manager.

Hudson concluded: “The aim of the project was to turn the King’s Walk Shopping Centre into the Atlantis Village, a competitor for the nearby Oracle. By creating eye catching displays that showcase the businesses within the centre, the Atlantis Village is already becoming the upmarket establishment Mr Strong was aiming for.”

BrightSign digital signage media players

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