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Billingsgate: some very modern screen technology for a very old fish market

The dnp UCS screen was specified after the retailer initially considered a plasma or LCD display. According to Digital Vision AV’s Paul Mayhew: “These would have been too bulky given the confined area within the shop; they would also have suffered from reflection and would have had to battle with the elements and humidity in the market.”

Supplied by UK distributor Paradigm Audio Visual, the 60in UCS provides enhanced brightness from a lightweight chassis and the ability to view off-axis. It is used in conjunction with a Sanyo projector, the SD card-fed Memory Viewer of which enables easy updating of content.

“It has been a steep learning curve to find suitable screens for dynamic signage,” Paradigm Audio Visual’s Greg Jeffreys told II. “Of course, in many cases LCD panels will do very well. But if you put a light meter in some locations and discover that there are sites with 5,000 to even 100,000 lux of ambient light, then even a 1,000 nit (cd/m2) panel will not fit the bill. The addition of heat and other environment factors means that technical and risk assessments often point firmly to the use of projection screens.

“In the case of Billingsgate, not only did the use of an optical screen technology deliver an image of elevated luminance and contrast, but it also meant the projector could be safely away from the fish. And the dnp UCS screen can be wiped off with a damp cloth without any risk to anyone!”