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Barcelona’s Club Astoria revamps with D.A.S.

D.A.S. Audio's Aero Series 2 system was installed into the new Club Astoria. The revamped venue was previously home to a landmark club in Barcelona, the Opium Cinema.

Barcelona’s Club Astoria, an exclusive music venue, has been equipped with a D.A.S. sound system centred around the Aero Series 2. The newly renovated space in the upscale Eixample neighbourhood, which was previously home to the landmark Opium Cinema, includes two completely differentiated remodeled areas – an ampitheatre, and a more accessible space, located in the old cinema’s bar. Design and installation of the project was carried out by Vila-Sana-based professional sound and lighting company Fokum. It selected the self-powered line array systems from D.A.S.’s Aero Series 2. At the project’s helm was the director of the company, Josep María Aldomá, who opted to set up two formations of linear Aero 8A self-powered compact line array systems, each made up of four units each. These linear formations were installed on either side of the stage, and the units were configured with the necessary curving angles between them to ensure optimal coverage for the listening zone situated in front of the stage. Fokum technical professionals opted for D.A.S. LX-215A self-powered subwoofer systems with double 15in speakers to provide low-frequency reinforcement. The set of subwoofers used are located in front of and beneath the stage, guaranteeing the widest possible subwoofer coverage for the listening/dance area. The sound solution is rounded out by a D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital processor system, which functions as the control center for the entire system.