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B-Tech introduces new ‘quick lock push system’ mount

B-Tech introduces the new BT8310 “Professional Video Wall Mount with Quick Lock Push System”.

Audio-visual company B-Tech has released its latest video wall mount, the BT8310, featuring a ‘quick-lock push system’. Its design means the video wall screens can be popped out and back in again simply by pushing them – offering a simple way of accessing the rear of a screen for maintenance. Another timesaving element of B-Tech’s BT8310 is the spacer kits, which are included with the product. These are said to cut out any need for guesswork, estimation or complicated calculations and enable installers to confidently know exactly where each bracket goes. What’s more, unlike other systems, the same kit can be used for one video-wall, and then utilised for future installations too. This means install times can be reduced, as can be the risk of error. The mount also comes with eight adjustment knobs to fine-tune the display and get the alignment accurate, even if the wall they are mounted on is not flat. Moreover, the entire system works in landscape or portrait format.