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AV completes Duma Hall renovation

The hall in the Tavrichesky Palace had its outdated AV system renovated and its old display replaced in time for the Petersburg Economic Forum 2005.

Mr V Kasavchenko, General Manager of Russian AV installation company Syntegra, says: “There is a high level of ambient light in the Duma Hall, because it has a glass ceiling. So we knew we had to use a special display to deliver the message at these difficult lightning levels. It’s a well-known fact that optical rear projection provides a better image compared to conventional front projection, and as we have had some mayor successes with dnp screens, we opted for a solution comprising two massive optical dnp displays.”

The biggest challenge for Syntegra was not being able to alter the layout of the hall built in 1789. The solution to this problem was to place the projector rigs out of sight between columns. As well as to move the screens closer to the audience, managing to create space for the 100in screens, wider than the gap between the columns.