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Artistic Licence splits into two divisions

Product development and installation will now operate as two closely-linked entities as Artistic Licence Engineering and Artistic Licence Integration are born.

Artistic Licence, supplier of control, lighting and test equipment for the entertainment and architectural markets, has expanded by splitting into two divisions: Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd and Artistic Licence Integration Ltd.

The two companies will operate as closely linked entities with complementary roles.

Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd builds on the foundations of its predecessor, building on the brand’s reputation in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-spec lighting and lighting control products.

Recognising the burgeoning installation market, Artistic Licence Integration Ltd will drive the development of bespoke installations, specialising in DMX, DALI and Ethernet control. The company aims to cover a broad spectrum of markets, with a client base spanning the architectural, entertainment, leisure and commercial sectors.

“Artistic Licence has always been a company with multiple skills,” explains technical director Wayne Howell. “Product development has been core to our success, but the projects and installation market has come of age. We’ve outgrown our existing corporate structure and need to give both areas full recognition.

“The beauty lies in the synergy achieved. Projects benefit from in-house expertise in custom design, while product development is kept at the cutting edge.”

Both companies operate out of the existing premises in Harrow with all contact details remaining the same.