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AKG introduces personal conference mic sets

The USB-powered CBL410 are said to improve individual computer conferencing audio quality.

Harman’s AKG has introduced its CBL410 line of personal conference microphone sets in Las Vegas. The USB-powered systems are said to provide users with a significantly higher quality yet simple-to-use microphone compared with built-in communication devices on personal computers. It is available in conference VoIP and workstation interface sets.

The conference set features three CBL410 PCC individual PC workspace solutions, available in white or black, with 3.5mm/1/8in stereo jack mic inputs. CBL410 workstation sets offers one single workstation with cascadable ability for additional PCC units and a pair of K20 headphones. CBL410 PCC’s increase the sound quality for conferencing, which allows for more reliable and professional meeting protocol. Both sets include a GHAP1 USB adapter for alternative power.

“The plug and play CBL410 stations offer an affordable, yet higher quality conferencing solution for the business professional who relies on services such as VoIP or Skype,” stated Thomas Giczy, business development manager Installed Sound and Conferencing, AKG. “AKG’s leading capsule technology allowed us to create a close distance mic with a wide speaker distance for a massive improvement in small-scale conferencing system technology.”