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Adding dynamic element to city sculpture

The City Council is well aware that well-lit buildings, monuments and sculptures improve the setting in which they are located. As such, a project is underway to apply this concept to certain elements in the city. The first of these is the Porta Diagonal sculpture, a work of art created by Ricardo Vaccaro that pays homage to Catalan artist Joan Miró.

The work, in the form of an enormous leaning frame crossed in the middle by an illuminated vertical element (the two joined by steel straps), is located in a public park in the new area of Cornellà. The materials used are stainless steel and Corten steel combined with safety glass panels. The work measures 8 x 22 x 50 metres.

Martin Architectural’s Spanish representative, Ecler, proposed a dynamic lighting system as a unique way to further enhance the attractiveness of the piece. Ecler and installer SECE used IP65-rated Martin Architectural Exterior series color changing lights – Exterior 600, Exterior 200, and Exterior 200 Long Barrel – to illuminate the various surfaces of the sculpture.

In order to light the frame, following various onsite tests, Ecler decided on two points of light on the main base, the coloured beams appearing in sharp contrast with the Corten steel. The central element contains other smaller spotlights within it. Lighting sequencing is carried out via Martin PC based LightJockey software located in a nearby panel.