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Adamson Metrix line array chosen for Campbellsville Baptist Church

An Adamsom sound reinforcement system featuring its Metrix line arrays was specified for the remodelled Campbellsville Baptist Church situtated in Kentucky, US.

The 900-seat Campbellsville Baptist Church located in a town by the same name in Kentucky, US, was recently installed with a sound reinforcement system centred on an Adamson Metrix true line source array.

The church itself takes on the form of a traditional two-floor setting, with one level being a small balcony.

Consulting company JCA Media was tasked with the design of the new system, which had to deliver clear coverage to a space that is mostly used for traditional worship. Support for the implementation of the system came from the Campbellsville technical team, which includes worship leader David Johnson, and sound engineers Robert Bender and Tyler Young.

“We had originally looked at front fills, but after tuning the arrays we realised the room was completely covered with terrific sound with no additions,” explains integrator Ryan Jackson of JCA Media.

Before the Adamson system was installed each component was painted in a custom white colour down to the rigging hardware.

Following the colour coordination JCA deployed two arrays of eight Metric 5º enclosures supplemented by two Metrix W 15º front fulls underneath, with a Metrix double 15in sub flown at the top of each array to drive bass.

Power and processing for the system is from Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q’s, while an Allen and Heath iLive digital system handles digital mixing.

Additional speakers used with the install were one fulcrum subwoofer on the ground as well as Adamson Point 8 boxes for Choir Monitoring. What’s more, an Audio Technica 5000 Series wireless receiver was employed for signal transmission, and DPA Instrument Microphones are used to capture sound.

In addition to the audio components, a brand new lighting redesign using ETC and Martin Lighting was implemented, as well as a complete remodel of the venue’s broadcast system.

Jackson concludes that he is very satisfied with the end result and that the entire key staff felt that the installation far exceeded their expectations.