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A380 handover utilises AV Stumpfl software

A vital ingredient of the resulting visual specification was AV Stumpfl’s Wings Platinum 3 software package.

Specifically, the system incorporated a 20 x 4 metre soft-edge panorama projection screen, four Barco FLM R20+ projectors and multiple Wings Platinum 3 software packages, each of which was used to run master, slave and redundant computers.

The master/slave combination equipped with Wings Platinum 3 supplied the media content of the show and played a film in high-resolution covering the entire breadth of the projection. Film recordings and camera images in HQ quality were embedded in up to three picture-in-picture frames, while distribution of audio data and roller image screen control signals was handled by Wings Platinum.

During the grand finale, the roller screen was raised to reveal Emirates’ newly purchased Airbus A380, parked on the runway.

AV Stumpfl’s Andreas Huber told II: “Wings Platinum is the only multi-display production and presentation system that can handle the high-definition output of 4000+ pixels width of total projection, containing a picture frame inside with live video input (HD-quality 1920 x 1080), even with real-time chroma and lumakeying (for example, greenbox keying of live speaker captured into presentation system).

“Wings Platinum has its second strength in the show-control field. It allows controlling from light over projectors to roll-up projection screens [that are] fully synchronised to your show – you only need to know the device interface, and Wings Platinum sends commands via Ethernet to your desired device. Here it was the roll-up screen finalising the show by opening the view to the real-life Airbus.”

Along with the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’, the Airbus A380 is widely regarded to have ushered in a new era in aviation, enabling the provision of significantly enhanced passenger capacities for long-haul flights.