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Whichlamps invests in Sanyo lamps

Whichlamps has become the latest company to try to reassure Sanyo projector users that lamps are still available for the discontinued brand.

UK distributor Midwich has said that it continues to build the stock of projector lamps available through Whichlamps, its official European projector lamp service.

Whichlamps’ range includes replacement lamps for brands such as Panasonic, BenQ, Optoma, LG, and more. Of particular importance to the industry currently, says the company, is the fact that Whichlamps holds a large stock of lamps from Sanyo.

Panasonic acquired the Sanyo brand in December 2009, and withdrew it at the end of March, 2012. According to Midwich, there has been some concern that Sanyo branded lamps may be in short supply until Panasonic is in a position to transition this business across. Whichlamps says that it has invested heavily in Sanyo stock to ensure disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Whichlamps also re-iterated its commitment to only supply original, manufacturer branded lamps as it believes these offer the best quality and value for its customers.

“We constantly strive to hold the widest portfolio of lamps to ensure prompt delivery for our customers,” said Rhys Lynn, product manager at Whichlamps. “Thanks to our competitive pricing and the superior standards of customer service that our resellers have come to expect from us, Whichlamps should, without doubt, be the partner of choice for all resellers providing replacement lamps.”