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Visual Productions has FACE in Belgium

Visual Productions has appointed FACE as its Belgian distributor.

Visual Productions has announced the appointment of FACE as its distributor in Belgium. FACE is the result of the merger of Ampco Belgium and Candela. Specialising in audio, lighting and video, the company provides hardware, software and services to the project market and to a dealer network active in the entertainment, communication and architectural markets.

FACE headquarters hosts not only a seminar room but also a “try out theatre” making it, says the company, the ideal venue for Cuelux to run “plug & play” alongside the Behringer BFC 2000 MIDI desk also distributed by FACE.

Cuelux software lighting control provides FACE with an inexpensive controller that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, the latter often required in the DJ market and made available through the company’s long established dealer network.

“We believe Cuelux is an ideal lighting tool for the young but demanding generation of light DJs and works perfectly for both live shows and fixed installs,” said Geert Custers, head of FACE Visuals. “It features plug and play set up and comes with versatile application tools that work on all operating systems – for an affordable price. Although this market is a saturated one, we believe Cuelux is always one step ahead of the competition and is the best buy at present. That’s why we wanted to have it in our portfolio.”