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Tech round up: Remote working solutions, social distancing measures, Mandalorian LED


RGB Spectrum has announced the launch of a new “distributed workflow collaboration” solution for remote workers. TeamScreen is designed to provide “persistent visibility to distributed workflows, radically improving collaboration for high performance remote teams”.

The solution provides team members with three screen options: Private (independent workspace), Shared (shared workspace), and TeamScreen (collaborative workspace). The TeamScreen curates content from other team members in windows that may be switched, moved and resized by each user.

Social DisTag-ing

Meanwhile, Riedel Communications has announced that its new DisTag distance monitoring device is helping with the company’s gradual resumption of on-site operations. Managed Technology Division employees have been returning to work at Riedel’s headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, each equipped with a DisTag, which is worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. DisTag immediately alerts its wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached.

“As our projects begin to ramp up once more, we’ve reached a point at which the division gets more and more busy with staff on site. It’s an ideal opportunity for our own employees to prove the concept for DisTag,” said Lutz Rathmann, Director, Riedel Communications Managed Technology Division. “Tools like DisTag are making it possible for companies around the world to start getting their employees back to work while ensuring their social distancing and safety.”

Mandalorian LED

Finally, PixelFLEX LED has been discussing how technology developments in film-making have broadened the spectrum of the live event experience. High-resolution LED video environments such as those used in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, have seen production houses looking at how they can apply the technology for the benefit of clients in other sectors. PixelFLEX and rental partners Mountain View Staging and Elite Multimedia Productions, are an example of those who are using production designs with LED video to enhance their live and virtual event capabilities.

“We saw how they were using the camera-tracking technology in conjunction with LED video and an Unreal Effects Engine to film the Mandalorian series and we thought this was something we could offer to our corporate clients to make their live events even more exciting,” explained Robert Johnson, vice president of operations at Mountain View Staging. “We own a lot of LED video panels and have studios with cameras set up in our warehouses across the nation, so it was a great way to pivot to the new reality we are living in to continue to meet the demands for large-scale live events done in a unique way.”

Kenny Mason, production manager at Elite Multimedia Productions added, “Once the shutdown’s happened, we saw that live streaming was going to be a vital component to keeping the production industry going and we needed to find a way to take advantage of that,” said. “Since we already had a demo room with production gear ready, it was a natural progression to transform the space into a virtual production studio.”

You can read an exclusive interview with The Mandalorian director of photography, Greig Fraser, over at our sister publication, TVBEurope.