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Stronger shade of green: Biamp announces compliance with China RoHS directive

With immediate effect, all of Biamp’s products will ship with marking and manual verbiage that comply with all of China’s new RoHS laws. Biamp customers will notice all packaging includes the mandatory EPUP logo. This ensures that product will not release any defined hazardous substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, or brominated fire retardants.

“We are very proud to announce that we are fully compliant with the new China RoHS directive, ahead of the deadline,” says Chuck Gollnick, lead engineer, Biamp. “Our products have not contained many of these harmful substances for a number of years now. With a concentrated effort, we have taken the extra steps needed to ensure all of our products are fully compliant without interrupting service and without imposing additional costs or taxes on our distributors in this region.”

Under the China RoHS directive, Biamp will also include a ‘Table of Hazardous Substances’, printed in Chinese, that identifies where any hazardous substances reside and to what degree. As part of its rigorous testing process, Biamp has determined its products will not release any prohibited substances for at least 10 years, if at all.

All of Biamp’s products continue to remain guaranteed under the company’s standard five-year warranty. Packing materials for Biamp products will also be labelled for recyclability. This will be true of all products shipped to China and, eventually, of all Biamp products shipped worldwide.