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Q&A: Wendy Griffiths, executive director, CEDIA Region 1

In the wake of the most succesful ISE to date, Wendy Griffiths, executive director, CEDIA Region 1 talks to the ISE eDaily about the organisation's continued expansion

Q: How was ISE 2011 for CEDIA?

A: “The show was fantastic. There was a huge interest in CEDIA and our activities, especially from outside of the UK. It’s good to be able to get people together from different countries to get a clearer vision of how we can help their business aims in their particular territory.”

Q: How has the increased profile of the show affected CEDIA?

A: “It’s success allows us to get out there and be more active, again especially outside of the UK, where we’ve seen most of our recent upturn in membership, with Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, for instance, all reaching Level 2 status.”

Q: How has the new onsite education initiative gone for you at ISE?

A: “The uptake has been slow, to be honest, but then again ISE is not a show that’s traditionally associated with education and it’s probably going to take a mindshift to alter that perception.”

Q: How do you see 2011 shaping up?

A: “For CEDIA, we have a big membership drive underway. The Board has set a goal of a 25% increase in Region 1 members, and we need to balance that by providing them with more tangible benefits. We’re going to be more proactively reaching out to architects, interior designers and electricians, and we’re also holding discussions at a higher level with our international offices as how best to maximize the use of our resouces.

“For the wider industry, people’s eyes are wide open and everyone knows there could still be a rocky road ahead. But having said that there is a definite increase in business at the moment. Let’s hope that continues!