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PSNPresents: The Verve, Harry Potter, Mark Ronson’s studio!

PSNPresents returns to the Soho Hotel on Thursday 10 March from 7:00pm. Anyone with an appreciation for music >actually< recorded in a studio (no offence, laptop warriors) will want to be in attendance as legendary producer Youth, recording engineer/rock’n’roll storyteller Phill Brown and Tileyard head honcho Nick Keynesdiscuss the creative, crazy world of the control room with pro-audio writer and commentator Phil Ward.

The collective experience of these three men spans over six decades, several dozen brilliant artistic careers and (probably) a reckless night or two.*

Youth – who recently won the 2016 Music Producers Guild Award for Outstanding Contribution to UK Music – has had a hand in musical output from a staggering selection of artists: Pink Floyd, The Verve, Crowded House, The Orb, Sir Paul McCartney and The Charlatans just to name a few.

In Are We Still Rolling?: Studios, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll – One Man’s Journey Recording Classic AlbumsPhill Brown recounts with remarkably clarity the highs and lows of life as an engineer at Olympic Studios, which saw him working on sessions with Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley…just check the liner notes of your vinyl collection: chances are Phill’s name is there.

Yes, we will revel in tales of the past, but not at the expense of the present: Our final studio stalwart is none other than Tileyard’s Nick Keynes, who has been key in transforming the King’s Cross space into London’s premier hub of creative musical activity.

And this is only the first half of the evening!

After the break, the focus will turn to theatre sound design with Simon BakerBen Harrison and Gareth Fry in conversation with PSNEurope editor Dave Robinson. These are the men behind the audio for shows including Lord of the Rings, Matilda, Return to the Forbidden Planet and – YES! – the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

As always, entry to PSNPresents is FREE, (thanks to our generous sponsors Roland UK and Focusrite) but we do request that you register beforehand. Hint: there is a free drink in it if you do.

Don’t be silly: register now!

Main pic: PSNPresents 2015, with sound engineers Robb Allan (Massive Attack), Ben Hammond (Deaf Havana), Dave McDonald (Kanye West) and Chicky Reeves (Prince).

*We cannot guarantee any tales of excess/debauchery…we can – like you – only hope.