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Prolight + Sound 2013: DiGiCo reveals SD9 software for broadcast and theatre markets

DiGiCo is presenting its latest SD9 software at Prolight + SOund 2013. The SD9B and the SD9T have been designed for the broadcast and theatre markets respectively and offer a host of new features.

Digico has launched its latest SD9 console software at Prolight + Sound 2013. The SD9T, which is designed for theatre applications, makes its worldwide debut in Frankfurt, while the SD9B – developed for broadcast applications – makes its European debut at the show.

The SD9T is said to give all the advanced theatre features of the flagship SD7T to the smaller SD9.

The new SD9T software builds on an array of features onboard the SD9 Supercharged, which has a significant expansion in channel count, dynamic EQs, multiband compressors and matrix, plus the addition of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs (formerly only available on SD7).

Features like the Auto Update function instantly updates the channel parameters to all cues, and by using Aliases, affect only those cues where that parameter is the same.

Further new features include an expanded aux panel, increased dynamic functions such as a Duck option and expander for the Gate, a De-esser and three types of Knee for the Compressor. There are also new FX types with multitap, and a ping-pong stereo delay. A warmth button is provided on each channel for analogue emulation and two types of EQ have been added (Classic and Precision).

The SD9B broadcast upgrade adds surround capabilities to the standard SD9 ‘live’ system, providing 48 stereo channels, allowing up to 5.1 bussing, plus a full studio style Monitor Matrix, multiple Mix Minus busses,and Backstop PFL functionality.

The addition of these new features, according to the company, means that the broadcast market now has a supplementary console option available to it that is placed squarely between the DiGiCo SD11 and SD10, from a price-point and features perspective.

The SD9 is also said to come at a price that make it the perfect solution for touring bands, schools, conference centers, smaller theatres, houses of worship and a host of other applications where exceptional performance and flexibility need to be realised on a tight budget.