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OXO Light announces LED Funstrip

The LED Funstrip is a LED-based version of the company's tungsten batten that uses less energy and has a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

OXO Light has announced the LED Funstrip, an energy-saving LED version of its Funstrip batten.

LED Funstrip replaces the traditional MR16 lamps of Funstrip with ten 9W warm white LED sources, each of which can be controlled individually. The company says that the long LED life (50,000 hours) means the lightsources are replaced less often, saving on material and labour costs.

LED Funstrip is also said to save on power costs as it uses only 90W (max) instead of the 750W of its tungsten counterpart, making it an extremely ‘green’ alternative.

According to OXO Light, the warm white (3000K) colour temperature of the LED Funstrip allows perfect matching with existing tungsten lighting while a choice of two dimmer modes – linear or tungsten – ensures versatile 0-100% dimming that will fit existing and new systems alike.

The company claims that the very low heat dissipation of LED lightsources makes LED Funstrip the ideal fixture to integrate into décor and set design without danger of heat damage. The low heat levels also allow the use of standard colour filters.

LED Funstrip can be controlled by DMX512 using 7-16 DMX channels and is fully RDM compliant. Sixteen internal programs can be accessed via the multifunction LCD display or remotely via DMX.

“This is possibly the most discreet product revolution ever seen in our market,” said Valère Huart of Ayrton, the company responsible for the worldwide distribution of OXO Light products. “The LED Funstrip has the same housing as the halogen version, gives the same effect and exhibits the same colour temperature….the only difference is the improved cost of maintenance and power consumption!”