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Music Support charity partners with mental health app to offer free services

The charity offers mental health support to all of those who work in the music industry, including venue ops, crew and designers

Music Support, a peer-led music industry charity that provides confidential mental health and addiction services for the entire music industry and its behind the scenes work force, has partnered with Thrive, the UK’s only NHS-approved mental health app.

Offering 24/7 support for mental health and wellbeing, Thrive helps with the early detection, prevention and management of common disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as building resilience so that users can feel empowered to improve their mental health.

It offers support for those suffering from common stressors, such as sleep, bereavement, work issues and more, via the use of evidence-based therapies such as CBT, meditation, deep muscle relaxation, breathing exercises and distraction games. A mood metre and diary tracks daily fluctuations of mood and records what specific stressors the individual might be facing on a daily basis, thus becoming more personalised to the user over time.

The app uses official GAD7 and PHQ9 questionnaires to screen for anxiety and depression and uses the results to prescribe the appropriate help.

Eric Mtungwazi, managing director of Music Support, commented: “Music Support is delighted to launch this initiative that will help many vulnerable industry peers who find themselves isolated and/or out of work in the coming weeks and months. The current Covid-19 crisis has placed enormous pressure on peers, particularly those who are living with or are more susceptible to mental ill-health and/or addiction issues.

“Our partnership with Thrive is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the potential for technology to be a force for good in relation to our wellbeing and mental health.”

Simon Jay, Thrive’s commercial director, added: “We’re really proud to be supporting the team at Music Support. We’ve been aware of the fantastic work they’ve been doing for a while, and it’s our pleasure to be able to offer additional support to the charity and the people they come in to contact with. Hopefully, Thrive will be a welcome addition to many in the music industry who need this sort of confidential, but proactive and preventative mental health support.”

The first 1,000 people to download Thrive via the Music Support website will receive it on a free license. All data remains completely confidential, personal and secure.

The app is available on all Android, Apple, and web-based devices.