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Martin distributor opens new showrooms

Fairlight, the long time distributor of Martin Professional's lighting products in The Netherlands, has opened new showrooms to better showcase its offering.

Martin Professional’s longtime Dutch distributor, Fairlight, has opened three new showrooms at its offices in Bemmel, Holland, which Martin describes as a significant customer-centred investment that provides a unique opportunity to showcase the company’s line of lighting products.

The new facilities include an entertainment-focused showroom, an LED Application Centre and a space dedicated to more in-depth product demonstrations. The entertainment showroom, complete with light show, is a spacious area where Fairlight personnel can present the complete range of Martin entertainment products and conduct extensive product training. The LED Application Centre features Martin’s growing portfolio of LED-based products.

“This fantastic set up, a level of professionalism and investment that is quite unique in Europe and even in the world, enables Martin and Fairlight to maintain a leading position in the Dutch entertainment market while helping to further develop the project market,” said Martin Professional’s vice president of distributor sales, Bruno Garros.

“The new showrooms are quite flexible spaces that allow us to customise the presentation of Martin products in what is closer to a real-world setting,” said Els Klievink, marketing manager at Fairlight. “It allows for a more professional sales approach and ultimately a better relationship with our customers.”