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Marketing multi-zone: Leisuretec to distribute Imerge Sound Server

The S3000 has a built in web interface to enable track downloads and is easily networkable. Capacity of the unit enables storage of thousands of tracks and unlike CD players – the lasers don’t need replacing. With four size options available from 80 to 400gb, compressed the system will store up to 1500 hours of music. It can also be controlled from multiple locations with separate user interfaces.

For retail environments corporate messages such as promotions and special offers can be pre-recorded on a sound file for transmission into specific zones, and delivered in a universal corporate manner across stores nationwide by downloading sound files to multi-locations, making the system a perfect solution for any commercial venue.

“Conventionally CD players have been used as a source, the S3000 is taking opportunities for the custom installer to another level,” enthuses Leisuretec Distribution’s managing director, Nick Spalding. “Our customers were already asking for a product that does just this, they were looking for something that was beyond CD players, but other than iPods there wasn’t a credible answer. This product provides a professional and affordable solution.

“We have undoubted belief in this product, and are delighted to be appointed distributor,” he continues. “The S3000 provides a solution for a range of applications across a multitude of markets. imerge are developing cutting edge products that are extremely exciting and we are pleased to be involved with bringing these to the commercial marketplace.”