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Learning together: TOA partners with Gateway to provide education for installers

“We at TOA are acutely aware of the importance of training,” says Brett Downing, Managing Director of TOA Corporation UK. “A basic understanding of acoustics is of paramount importance if we are to achieve our desires and objectives when designing sound systems. It is equally important that engineers and designers understand the methodology of configuring sound systems, and how to get the most out of today’s technology. Today, when designing Voice Evacuation systems, we are faced with a host of European and British standards that must be adhered to if we are to fully comply with what is, ultimately, a life safety system.

“TOA is here here to help with all aspects of sound and communications, and have invested heavily into a working partnership with David Ward, the founder member of the UK’s leading education and training foundation, Gateway School of Recording. David’s 25 years of experience embrace all levels of acoustics, recording techniques, system configuration and design, Voice Evacuation and Public Address, VoIP, multimedia and music production.”

Downing explains that Ward has recently diversified into courses for the audio installation industry especially for the TOA Corporation, and has evolved seven one-day courses covering the following subjects: Product Training; Sound and IP Networking; Quality Sound and Voice Evacuation Systems; Microphone and Amplifier Choice and Technology; Wiring, Conduits, and Earths; Acoustic Characteristics and Power Requirements; Basic Audio Installation and Testing; and Basic Acoustics: ‘Sound Without Sums’.

These one-day courses normally cost between _175 and _215, but between June 20-22, TOA is offering three of the courses free of charge as an introductory offer. These are Wiring, Conduits, and Earths (June 20); Microphone and Amplifier Choice and Technology (21); and Quality Sound and Voice Evacuation Systems (22).

For more information on these and any of the other courses on offer, contact: [email protected]