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Leading Norwegian venues select Midas PRO

Distributor AVAB CAC has reported sales to the Arendal Cultural Centre and the Arctic Cultural Centre in Hammerfest, among other prominent Norwegian venues.

In what constitutes Norway’s first installation of a Midas PRO3, the Arendal Cultural Centre is using the system at FOH in its performance space. “It’s simple to learn and simple to use,” said the centre’s technical co-ordinator, Finn Cato Andersen, pictured (left) with Kurt Langemyr and Jon Inge Myrene. “It feels like an analogue mixer, patching is straightforward, and there is easy access to the onboard FX, EQ and dynamics. And the sound, of course, is fantastic. The PRO3 has already surpassed our high expectations.”

In addition, multiple facilities have taken delivery of Midas PRO6s. The aforementioned Arctic Cultural Centre has deployed its PRO6 as FOH mixer in the centre’s main concert hall, while one of the systems is also in use at the Larvik Cultural Centre. Elsewhere, a further PRO6 has been installed for the main stage, together with an analogue Midas Heritage 2000, at Norway’s National Rock and Pop Museum, Rockheim.

Paal Grenne from Rockheim remarked: “Rockheim’s acoustics were specifically designed for amplified music, pop, rock, hip hop, etc, and I have never encountered such a stage in almost 30 years of touring. Our aim was to create the best concert venue in the country, and for that we wanted state-of-the-art equipment. Midas was the perfect choice.”