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Latest Martin solutions on show at PLASA

Martin Professional will be at PLASA Focus 2011 where the company will showcase the latest Martin LED lighting fixtures, video screens and processors, lighting consoles and media server products.

Martin Professional will be at PLASA Focus 2011 (Leeds, England: 19-20 April) where the company will showcase the latest Martin LED lighting fixtures, video screens and processors, lighting consoles and media server products.

Martin products to be show include:

EC-10: The EC-10 is described as a high performance, true 10 mm pixel pitch LED display panel that teams with Martin’s EC-20 to form a fully compatible EC family of LED displays that can be mixed and matched for ultimate design creativity. Featuring the same lightweight and cable-free design for rapid deployment, the EC-10 is 100% compatible with the EC-20 in terms of brightness, colour, setup, curving, control and processing, even accessories, allowing for seamless, mixed resolution visuals in one system.

MAC 101: Said to be ideal for easy-to-produce yet high-impact looks, the ultra-compact MAC 101 moving head comes with a low price tag for stage, dance floor and decorative lighting designs. Small at just 3.7 kg and simple to use, this versatile wash light fits anywhere and features rapid movement, calibrated colours, and a very bright beam.

MAC 101 white light variants: The MAC 101 is available in three white light versions that expand its use to applications where high quality, pure white light is needed. The new variants incorporate cold and/or warm LEDs instead of RGB for a better white light quality and greater output.

Stagebar 2: With twice the lumen output and ten times the intensity of the Stagebar 54, the Stagebar 2 is described as an extremely capable LED pixel bar and wash luminaire. A new lens design provides a narrower field of light for better beam control and greater light intensity. A choice of lens options provides designers with beam angle flexibility and includes an opal diffuser for scenic on-camera looks.

P3-200 System Controller: The P3-200 System Controller is a new addition to Martin’s P3 System Controller family for LED screens. The P3-200 combines all the features of the P3-100 yet adds SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI input capability for optimised use in TV/broadcast environments. Martin says that it retains all the advantages of the P3-100 System Controller like built-in scaling and de-interlacing, multiple video protocol and resolution support, direct DMX control of brightness, colour, pixelmapping and more.

P3-PC: This PC-based P3 System Controller works as a PC-based P3 System Controller for smaller Martin LED display setups up to 20000 pixels; as an off-line editor for the P3-100 and P3-200 System Controllers to preprogram shows anywhere on a PC; or as a tool for firmware uploads and addressing/testing Martin LED displays.

Kinesys plug-in for P3-100/200: For applications requiring total integration with motion control, this new software feature for the P3-100 and P3-200 System Controllers enables real-time live position and rotation control from a Kinesys automation and motion control system and automatically adapts the position/mapping of the LED display panels.

V-PC: V-PC is new media server software for the PC from Martin Professional that allows users to obtain the full power of a media server on a PC. It is available in three different packages: 1) Freestyle Edition – available for free to anyone who already owns a Martin One-Key or any Martin controller using a One-Key, 2) Producer Edition – offers a multitude of features including HD playback, and 3) Director Edition – a full-fledged media server with multiple Full-HD playback.

Software 3.0 with MaxNet for M1, M-PC and Maxxyz: Martin says that its Mx software 3.0 brings controller networking to a whole new level of functionality and simplicity: with the development of the MaxNet system, connecting multiple consoles and media servers on the same network has never been so easy.

Maxedia 4.4: This latest software release for Martin’s Maxedia media server brings the Maxedia feature set to a higher level. Aligning simplicity of use with complexity of execution, Maxedia 4.4 is claimed to show how the most powerful media server on the market can also be a user-friendly one.

DMX 5.3 Splitter/RDM 5.5 Splitter: These new Martin Splitters are said to be the most economical devices available to ensure proper data transmission levels and economically protect controllers and DMX/RDM devices. Both splitters are useful in maintaining proper data levels over long runs or several runs of DMX signal with the RDM 5.5 Splitter also capable of effectively handling RDM data. 

Martin One-Key: Martin One-Key is described as a future-proof concept in lighting software distribution that eliminates the inconvenience of storing software licenses in DMX hardware. This USB dongle can store one or more licenses and protects the software from illegal copies. Martin One-Key simplifies software distribution, improves protection and protects investments.

Fixture Beam Analyzer: The Fixture Beam Analyzer uses a standard webcam to analyse a lighting fixture’s output on any surface, making lamp adjustments an easier and more accurate procedure for a more uniform field of light. Light output is measured and a set of detailed photometric data is generated in real time. It also eliminates the uncomfortable need to stare directly into the field of light.