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Lab.gruppen welcomes pro audio distributors to Kungsbacka

Attendees were treated to the unveiling of the new FP+ Series, which includes the FP 13000 (2 x 6500 W), FP 10000Q (4 x 2500 W), FP 7000 (2 x 3500 W) and FP 6000Q (4 x 1500 W) all ratings at 2 ohms; and the new C Series models C 20:8X (8 x 250 W), C 10:4X (4 x 250 W), C 10:8X (8 x 125 W) and C 5:4X (4 x 125 W) all ratings at 4, 8, 16 Ohms and 70V.

Lab.gruppen MD Tomas Lilja opened the conference during breakfast at the factory. Delegates were invited to attend separate sessions covering new product introductions, sales and marketing focus, and a factory tour that encompassed a presentation on the company_s background, milestone technological developments and the practical reasoning behind the broadening product line.

Michael J Christensen, VP of Sales at Lab.gruppen was extremely happy with the event_s success. “Gathering our loyal and long serving supporters at the factory has been so rewarding. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and useful interaction and feedback on the new products and how we intend to market them. All of us at Lab.gruppen look forward to the next time we can get our entire family together again.”