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Kaleidescape to highlight Blu-ray movie server at ISE

Kaleidescape is to showcase what the company says is the world's first Blu-ray movie server at ISE.

Star of Kaleidescape’s ISE stand is what the company describes as the industry’s first Blu-ray movie server, which saw its first shipments in December.

“Our customers now expect the higher quality of Blu-ray but are irritated by the long start-up time, adverts and complicated menus,” said Mark Drax, MD of custom design and installation company Design Logistics in London. “The Kaleidescape System starts Blu-ray movies in seconds, not minutes, and once you experience its speed, quality and convenience, you quickly realise how much better it is than a conventional, hi-end Blu-ray player.”

The Kaleidescape Movie Guide features high resolution cover art combined with a brief synopsis of each film and many other details, while video bookmarks and triggers enable the system to start a movie instantly and automatically adjust lighting, curtains and screen masking during playback. With over 145,000 titles, Kaleidescape’s Movie Guide is said to be the largest database of its kind.

“The simplicity and elegance that we have achieved for watching Blu-ray movies required significant hardware and software innovation, legal analysis and user interface design,” said Michael Malcolm, Kaleidescape’s founder, chairman and CEO. “My family and I enjoy the freedom to jump to a favourite scene in a movie or to any song in a concert. For the first time, all of our Blu-ray movies are literally at our fingertips, at any screen in our home.”

The new Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault completes the Kaleidescape Blu-ray movie server. Paired with a Kaleidescape M-Class player, the disc vault imports, houses and organises Blu-ray discs, with the copies stored on the server then ready for instant playback. With a capacity of 100 discs, Kaleidascape says that the Modular Disc Vault simplifies ownership by automating the import process. Any number of Modular Disc Vaults may be added to a system, but each must be connected to its own M-Class player.