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Kaleidescape makes 50 free movies available with Cinema One

Kaleidescape buyers can enjoy the ultimate home cinema experience this festive season with 50 free movies from the Kaleidescape Store with the purchase of a Cinema One movie server.

Kaleidescape is offering new buyers of its Cinema One movie player 50 free movies worth approximately £500 in the run up to Christmas.

The 50 movies are available from the Kaleidescape Store – which offers Blu-ray quality movies without the disk – from the 11 November to 31 December to buyers of its Cinema One movie server.

Cinema One combines pristine picture quality with high-fidelity sound to create a home cinema experience. It lets viewers enjoy all of their movies in true bit-for-bit Blu-ray and DVD quality with the highest audio and video quality available. Users can import film from CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, or download from the Kaleidescape Store.

“With Cinema One, families can select from thousands of true HD and SD quality movies from the Kaleidescape Store, where they can find old treasures or enjoy new releases, and experience superior quality that can be seen and heard. Simply press Play and you’ll instantly be transported to a cinematic journey like never before.” said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape