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Manufacturers collaborate to make meetings work

Meet up: Øystein Grimstad, Huddly; Laleeuwe Yannic, Barco; and Luis Guerra, Shure

According to Frost & Sullivan research, there are 90 million meeting rooms worldwide, but only 8% are equipped to support modern, cloud-based conferencing services. “So, only 8% provide an adequate experience,” said Luis Guerra, associate director, global product management, Shure. 

Together with Barco and Huddly, the company hopes to address this with a new initiative to make meetings simpler, using technology such as Shure’s Stem Ecosystem, Barco’s ClickShare and Huddly’s Crew AI multi-camera system, to ensure a simpler, higher-quality meeting room set-up.

“A lot of tech leads to a lot of stress,” said Guerra, with a majority of people attending hybrid meetings experiencing difficulty, whether with seeing or hearing people, or being heard, connecting to cameras or speakers, or sharing content.

The three companies’ products cover audio, display and cameras, along with meeting management and content access, and they now mutually test all the equipment to ensure everything works reliably. “We guarantee to the customer that everything works together,” said Laleeuwe Yannic, marketing director, workplace, Barco.

“We have been sharing our secrets with Barco and Shure for some time,” added Øystein Grimstad, VP product, Huddly. “There is a lot of collaboration going on and I think we will do more technical integrations in the future,” with the aim of improving meeting quality and ease of deployment.

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