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ISE People: Duffy Wilbert, executive director, PAMA

PAMA, the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance, is holding one of its regular meetings at ISE for the first time in 2012.

The collective voice and forum for manufacturers of professional audio systems, PAMA has generally held its European gatherings at Prolight + Sound but, as Duffy Wilbert, executive director, explains: “As we began to plan for 2012, the members acknowledged that ISE has become an important show for pro audio, bringing the right audience for our members, and it is a show where PAMA members can both do business and come together as a group.”

PAMA’s membership includes many of the audio industry’s highest-profile names, including Bosch, Genelec, Harman, Meyer Sound, QSC, Sennheiser, Shure and many others. What does PAMA bring to them?

“PAMA provides a forum to not only discuss the issues, policies and trends in the industry but also provides our members with business decision market research, both internal to the industry and externally about pro audio’s customers,” says Wilbert.

“PAMA also monitors government policies and standards that impact their business, providing a common Wiki for members to define and challenge the issues around those policies and standards.”

While PAMA meetings are normally for member companies only, Wilbert is happy for pro-audio companies to contact him at [email protected] if they’re interested in attending the ISE session.

“Bottom line,” Wilbert concludes, “is that PAMA is all about promoting and advocating for the pro-audio industry. The more members we have, the richer and more valuable the conversation, research and results.” Click here for more information about PAMA’s activities and how to become a member company.