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ISE 2013: Powersoft introduces ‘revolutionary’ DEVA

DEVA is a 'revolutionary' new multimedia device that integrates solar power, bi-directional wireless A/V communication, lighting and an extremely efficient Class D amplifier in a compact, weatherproof enclosure.

Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft Audio is showcasing a range of new products on an ISE stand that ‘combines green audio with amusement’. The new DEVA multimedia unit with an integrated efficient Class D amplifier enables audio messaging and video capturing. The IP65-rated device features a weatherproof enclosure that is resistant to atmospheric elements such as temperature, humidity and dust, making it suitable to outdoor applications. On a single charge the unit can remain in stand-by for more than 18 days, while a latest generation solar panel can quickly recharge the battery even in low light conditions. DEVA features a host of connectivity options (GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth) making it compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs. The device can be used for applications ranging from background music to paging, in combination with video and/or audio surveillance. What’s more, with standard Wi-Fi 802.11n communication and ‘green’ solar power rechargeable batteries on board, DEVA is independent from any existing infrastructure. The company is also expanding its Ottocanali series in time for the show, with the addition of three new high-performacne 8-Channel power amplfieirs for fixed installations. The Ottocanali 4K4, Ottocanali 8K4 and Ottocanali 12K4 have been designed to work at low or high impedance, can run at 2 Ohms as a standard operational parameter and can power 70V and 100V distributed lines without the need for external transformers. Powersoft’s Class D amplification gives high output power – up to 12000W over eight channels for the largest model – and the very high sound quality which has come to be expected. Every amplifier in this series has two universal switch mode power supplies with PFC (Power Factor Correction) each independently powering a set of 4 channels. In addition, patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology maximises the efficiency of the system, drastically reducing the power consumption at any load and usage condition.