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Jetbuilt announces 4th Annual Global User Summit

Event takes place October 19–20, 2023 at the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago

Jetbuilt, a global leader in AV project sales and management software, has announced its 4th Annual Global User Summit from October 19–20, 2023, at the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL. Jetbuilt’s User Summit provides a unique opportunity for Jetbuilt users worldwide to meet, collaborate, network and exchange ideas on workflows, processes and possibilities surrounding Jetbuilt’s platform.

“The Jetbuilt User Summit offers a unique value for attendees by providing the space to network, educate and grow,” said Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “This year, the User Summit will emphasise Bridging the Silos, the latest initiative from Jetbuilt, as we continue to introduce new enhancements to foster better communication and collaboration within Jetbuilt’s platform. We look forward to networking and synergising with our global community at the User Summit, to gather feedback and introduce features that empower stakeholders to work together more efficiently.”

Chris Geysbeek, engineering manager for Electrosonic and a prior Jetbuilt User Summit participant, added: “The Jetbuilt User Summit was well done and thoughtfully carried out. While I found the topics discussed and walkthroughs very helpful – It was not the highlight of my trip. I found the most valuable part of the User Summit to spend time speaking with other Jetbuilt users. Time spent discussing how they use the system and their shortcuts they’ve found useful.”

The Jetbuilt User Summit will take place from October 19–20, 2023 at the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL. To learn more, please visit