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ClearOne makes Convergence AV Manager software free until 2023

Both the Convergence Cloud AV Manager and Convergence Enterprise AV Manager remote management software solutions have been made available for free until 2023

ClearOne has announced that its Convergence Cloud AV Manager and Convergence Enterprise AV Manager remote management software solutions will be available for free until 2023.

ClearOne chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu said that the recent launches of the Cloud and Enterprise AV Manager software present opportunities to ClearOne partners who can promise more responsive customer service and support. “We are making our leading AV management platforms free for more than a year so every interested partner can develop new revenue streams without incurring any up-front costs,” Hakimoglu explained.

“By pairing our ground-breaking pro AV solutions with our powerful remote system management software, AV/IT practitioners can deliver new levels of customer service and satisfaction that benefit everyone.”

The company said that both platforms help to lower operating costs by reducing the number of “truck rolls” and man hours required to manage systems by giving users the ability to monitor and control any supported systems via a web portal that’s accessible from any device.

AV/IT professionals are also able to view complete lists of ClearOne devices they manage and immediately identify status such as ‘healthy’, ‘down’, or ‘has issues that require action’. Built-in video, audio, and chat communications facilitate user support in both platforms.