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September edition of Installation now available!

Editor Rob Lane discusses what's in store within the latest issue of your favourite AV tech title, which hones in on the continuing overlaps between AV and broadcast in the run-up to IBC 2023

When is AV technology not AV technology? Well, it used to be the case that anything broadcast-facing wasn’t considered ‘AV’; crazy when you consider that a great deal of audio and video technology goes into producing the best broadcast has to offer. These days, of course, the lines between what’s considered ‘AV’ and what’s considered ‘broadcast’ are blurring so much that it’s difficult to see where one ends and the other begins.

This year’s IBC, at the Amsterdam RAI from 15-18 September (previewed in this edition, from page 20) is testament to that. Whilst it remains very much a broadcast technology expo, an increasing number of AV stalwart vendors and visitors will be gracing the halls of ISE’s old home, particularly to showcase and view the fast-moving virtual production (VP) technologies and solutions. ISE’s organisers, of course, have made no secret of their desire to add more broadcast exhibitors. This year’s event featured more broadcast-facing companies than ever before, alongside more traditional AV vendors pushing VP in particular. Expect to see even more AV/broadcast overlaps in 2024.

It’s no surprise that virtual production is at the forefront of AV’s convergence into broadcast (and vice versa), as corporate enterprises look to add VP suites to their tech arsenals. This special edition of Installation takes a long, hard look at AV’s broadcast evolution, with four key features, starting with virtual production from page 28.

Next up, we look at skills and solutions challenges, from page 36, as AV gets ‘broadcast-ready’, asking whether there’s scope for more universal broadcast/AV training going forward. Thirdly, we report from the recent AVIXA UpStream event in London (page 42), which explored multiple areas in which AV and broadcast technologies are now converging. And finally, Installation takes a broader look at the crossovers between AV and broadcast (page 48), discovering that the overlapping tech trends are set to continue, with parallel development and the introduction of new standards.

Installation will be joining its broadcast-facing sister publication TVBEurope at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. We hope to see you there. Meanwhile, check out our special IBC-focused edition, below: