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InfoComm pays host to transatlantic broadcast ‘first’

Established to provide videoconferencing and audiovisual services to multinational companies, the AV Global Alliance counts AVI-SPL (US), Digicom (Ireland) and Microtech (Poland) among its other members. In total, the alliance now boasts 21 participating companies.

“Economic forces are driving the widespread adoption of videoconferencing, and international companies look to technically excellent organisations like the AV Global Alliance to design, install and maintain their systems,” said AVM chairman Sandy MacPherson (pictured). “We are very proud to have five such outstanding companies join the alliance.”

Outlining the basic approach to adding more members to the AV Global Alliance, MacPherson told II recently that “we tend to grow now on an as-needed basis, so if there is a client who needs a service in a particular country and we don’t have an alliance member there, that will push us more to look in that country. The attractions of being a member are fairly obvious, so we do get people asking to become members, [but] we need to be fairly choosy to make sure that the quality standards are maintained.”