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InfoComm 2016: show preview

The InfoComm show returns to the ‘entertainment capital of the world’ for 2016. Here is our guide to the best of what Vegas visitors can see on the show floor.

The InfoComm show returns this month to the ‘entertainment capital of the world’. With an opening keynote from Freakonomics author Stephen Dubner, numerous educational and training opportunities and a bustling exhibition, the event promises once again to draw large numbers to Las Vegas. Here is our guide to the best of what they can see on the show floor.

Analog Way will be showcasing the VIO 4K, a multi-format converter that includes a variety of innovative features for LED wall applications. Natively equipped with seven inputs and one multi-plug output, VIO 4K can convert numerous signal types including: Dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, 3G-SDI, SPF module cage, and universal analogue, to a wide range of output signal formats up to 4K 30Hz (4K 60Hz via expansion modules). Two expansion modules will be showcased during the show: an audio processing module with professional XLR analogue and AES/EBU audio connections, and a video processing module equipped with HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 input/output plugs that can handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4. Two other expansion modules will also be introduced: one that inputs or outputs up to eight audio channels from or to a Dante audio network; and the other, that can convert HDMI 2.0 or DP 1.2 to either Quad-Link 3G-SDI or 12G-SDI, and vice versa.

Among the solutions on show from Arthur Holm will be the DynamicX2Share, the first retractable monitor on the market that integrates a Full HD distribution system. The DynamicShare system allows meeting-room users to share different video sources without need of technical knowledge and assistance. It is a software-free, wireless-free sharing system that provides a high level of security, and does not require external devices to be integrated into the room table. It allows the signal to be distributed and shared through an HDMI loop that also embeds the control protocols of the monitors. It is available in three versions: DynamicShare standard for signal distribution, selection and control; DynamicLoop for signal distribution only; and a standalone device for third-party monitors and video display solutions.

Key Digital is launching the KD-MLV4x2 UHD/4K MultiView Seamless Matrix Switcher at the show. This is a seamless matrix switcher with UHD/4K resolution up-scaling, multi-view window processing, analogue to digital conversion of incoming VGA or YPbPr with analogue audio signals, audio de-embedding, and independent audio from video matrix selection. It is designed to fit a wide variety of professional video installation needs, including digital signage, videowalls, conference and boardrooms, classrooms, home theatres, and bars and restaurants.

Pliant Technologies, the professional products division of CoachComm, is introducing a new and innovative professional wireless intercom product, CrewCom. The product features excellent voice quality, the industry’s smallest fully featured professional full-duplex wireless radio packs and multiple simultaneous frequency bands. It is described as a versatile communications solution built on a highly scalable platform in which a family of products utilises a proprietary network, called CrewNet. CrewNet can operate over standard Cat5e (or greater) and/or single mode fibre lines, breaking the current barriers for wireless intercom range and expandability. In addition, its CrewWare graphical software provides for comprehensive offline configuration, online control, and real-time monitoring of all system components. CrewCom wireless products are available in 2.4GHz and 900MHz.

Riedel will demonstrate its MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution network device as a point-to-point trunking solution. In stand-alone mode, the MicroN can act as a 12 x 12 router and audio embedder/de-embedder with MADI SRC and delay, and also provides video frame sync and delay. Also on show will be the Tango TNG-200, which represents Riedel’s first network-based platform supporting AES67 and AVB standards. With its own dedicated intercom application, the platform can be turned into a flexible solution for a variety of communications scenarios. Along with powerful processing capabilities, the Tango TNG-200 features two integrated Riedel digital partylines, two AES67- and AVB-compatible ports, two Ethernet ports, one option slot and redundant power supplies.

Clockaudio will introduce the CCRM4000-C303W-RF retractable, motorised ceiling tri-element hanging microphone array. Designed for audio or video conferencing, the new product is completely retractable. It is optimised for speech intelligibility and features three high-quality, RF-immune cardioid capsules for 360º pickup. It is described as easy to install, and also compatible with all popular DSP units. The retractable unit enables the microphone to completely withdraw back into the ceiling when not in use, leaving the room aesthetically pleasing and ready for other functions.

Among the installation models on display from microphone manufacturer DPA will be the TSM4001 Tabletop Shock Mount for its d:screet and d:dicate Podium Microphones, which are claimed to offer the best shock rejection of any mount in the industry. The TSM4001 features vertical softness that absorbs handling vibrations, while horizontal movements are controlled to prevent the podium boom from coming in direct contact with the mount. The company will also have its d:dicate Series MMP-F Modular Active Boom podium mic solution on display. Intended for podium, floor stand or hanging applications, with the d:dicate MMC4011 Cardioid and MMC4018 Supercardioid capsules, and equipped with an active boom pole preamp, the MMP-F is available in a variety of lengths and gooseneck options.

In only its second appearance at InfoComm, collaboration solutions company Nureva will showcase multiple configurations of the Nureva Span system. Span brings the typical sticky-note wall associated with creative and strategic processes into the digital age by combining panoramic projectors with a software-as-a-service offering and the use of personal devices. Additionally, Nureva will launch a new product in a new category for the company.

Oblong Industries will unveil the latest capabilities of its Mezzanine immersive visual collaboration solution for globally connected enterprises. The system’s newest enhancement, called Mezz In, enables rich collaboration for remote participants by integrating videoconferencing into the Mezzanine web client. External meeting collaborators have full visibility of the Mezzanine workspace, and can upload content and control presentations, with easy screen-sharing capabilities via Chrome.

Visiology will demonstrate a data visualisation module for its Polywall videowall management software. Polywall can be connected seamlessly to the enterprise relational database or Hadoop cluster at the raw data level and generate data visualisation without the need to use third-party business intelligence tools. Visiology will also demonstrate Flipbox Software Suite – innovative software for corporate meeting rooms that transforms a large interactive screen into a powerful collaboration device with wireless presenting, mobile screen sharing and videoconferencing capabilities.

Xavtel says its SENATOR-UC ushers in a new era in conferencing for the unified communications and collaboration market. The SENATOR-UC is easy to set up: the integrator simply needs to connect the hardware and push the auto-calibrate button and best gain before feedback is instantly delivered.
The product also offers instant VoIP and SIP functionality and enables distance conferencing without the need for adding any external processor. The optional CDM-T5 touchscreen-based chairman/delegate station offers full control of the system. A PC or laptop can be connected via USB; any softphone application, such as Skype, can then morph the SENATOR-UC into a long-distance conference system without the need to register it on the VoIP PBX.

ATX is featuring its VidiPlay system, as part of its complete end-to-end IPTV solutions for local or private IP networks. VidiPlay can use IP set-back boxes and smart TV clients to deliver IP video to large-format displays as well as clients for PCs, tablets and mobile devices. VidiPlay also manages client authentication and access control and provides client UI customisation. It supports advanced features such as an interactive programme guide (IPG), video on demand (VOD), network personal video recording (nPVR), digital signage and more.

Discover Video will be showing DV-Mantis, a small streaming video appliance. It supports built-in HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA, Component and Composite video inputs, and streaming at rates from 1 to 10 Mbps, and HD resolution up to 1080. In addition to streaming live, the DV-Mantis can record video and can automatically upload what it has just recorded. Within the Discover Video ecosystem, the appliance can be automatically configured and controlled; but it can be operated via front panel buttons when used in standalone mode.

Enterprise IP video technologies provider Exterity will be debuting a number of extensions to its product portfolio at InfoComm. These include extended support for 4K; mobile video compatibility, supporting the growing BYOD culture; new functionality for the ArtioSign integrated digital signage and IP video platform; the latest version of ArtioPortal, the AvediaServer middleware platform, extending the ability to create a tailored viewing interface across a broader range of devices; and additional support for leading smart TVs, including those from Samsung, Philips and LG.

Matrox Video will present the Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance. This accepts video from any SDI or HDMI camera and presentation content over HDMI from computers. The inputs can be encoded independently and in sync for use with the latest multi-stream video players; alternatively, the inputs can be combined prior to encoding in a variety of production layouts, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side, for use with standard video players. For streaming purposes, the encoders use either RTMP or RTSP protocol to deliver live streams to local media servers or cloud-based CDNs. In recording applications, the encoders write MP4 or MOV files directly to network-mapped drives.

WyreStorm is expanding its NetworkHD line of powerful AV over IP products aimed at hospitality applications: the NetworkHD 100 and 200-Series is to get a new multi-view 4K decoder that can display up to eight simultaneous video feeds on a single screen in a variety of configurations; 4K scaling enables four images to be displayed in their native 1080p format. The NetworkHD line also gets intuitive new drag-and-drop control for iPad in the form of the Touch app. Touch allows drag-and-drop instant source selection onto screens with live video preview of all selections and sources on the iPad screen, and seamless compatibility with WyreStorm’s Enado control solution for source control and BYOD support.

dnp denmark will be showcasing eight different ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) Screens, including a large-format Supernova Infinity, Supernova XL, LaserPanel Touch, Supernova Blade, and three unique solutions from its family of short-throw screens. Visitors can witness dnp’s multi-layer light rejection screen material during their daily screen shoot-outs at 11:00. dnp’s 08-85 and 23-23 ALR screen materials will be up against a traditional matt white diffusion screen, proving that its 7-layer make-up rejects light from above and below while only refracting back light from the projector. Their aim will be to demonstrate the 4 Cs of Supernova – Contrast, Clarity, Colour and Cone. Sally Bermudez from dnp north america says: “dnp’s optically engineered Supernova Screens offer real-world solutions in any environment. We challenge our competition to keep the lights on over their projection screen displays, as we will, at InfoComm.”

Tempest will show its new modular G4 range of projector enclosures. Comprising Blizzard, Whispr, Typhoon, Cyclone and Tacit product families, the G4 has been developed to replace all the company’s existing enclosure types and deal with every customer application: portrait or landscape, outdoor or indoor, rental or fixed, freezing or hot temperatures, standard or custom enclosure sizes. Featuring Goldilocks OS technology to prevent overheating and condensation, the feature-packed G4 enclosures are now smarter than ever. The latest models have been upgraded across the range, with features including variable speed AC fan control, USB diagnostics and firmware update capabilities, and optional RS485 and Ethernet connectivity. Web-based remote monitoring is coming soon.

InfoComm 2016