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Demystifying AV standards and showing why they matter

InfoComm International is devoting two hours at ISE 2017 to discuss standards with attendees. The InfoComm Standards Plenary session will take a look at existing InfoComm standards as well as those in development, and also highlight which standards AV professionals should be using.

The purpose of the event is to demystify AV standards and to demonstrate why they matter to your business. The meeting will reveal what’s in the market and how AV professionals are using InfoComm’s standards. The session will provide tips on how to read and use InfoComm standards in projects.

Attendees will also be among the first to hear about how an AV team developed a standard to address a common problem faced around the world with cable labelling. Additionally, InfoComm will preview the latest developments on the rack building standard launched at ISE 2016.

One lucky attendee will get a digital set of the AV symbols that are in the J-STD 710 Audio, Video, and Control Drawing symbols standard. These were developed by InfoComm with CTA and CEDIA.

Light refreshments will be served. Join InfoComm in room D507 from 13:00 on Thursday 9 February.

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