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Infinitus offers HELP at ISE

One of the more unusual products to be seen at ISE will be on the Infinitus stand, where the company is showcasing a digital signage screen that doubles as an emergency help point.

Of all the peripherals you might expect to find attached to a digital signage display, the chances are that you wouldn’t expect one of them to be a defibrillator. That, however, is exactly what the imotion HELP offers. Based on hardware from Slovenia-headquartered Infinitus, it is designed as a response to the rapid rise in cardiac events – and the significantly improved chance of such an event being survived if appropriate help can be given within the first few minutes. The imotion HELP – which stands for Human Emergency Life Point – together with an expanding range of free standing outdoor digital signage screen solutions, will be demonstrated by Infinitus at ISE. Can’t wait till ISE? See here.

New at the show are a 65” landscape double sided unit and a 65” portrait double sided unit. The company points out that having two screens facing in opposite directions enables the delivery of highly visible messages, utilising locations to the fullest and lowering investment per screen. The 65” unit is available with and without the automatic external defibrillator (AED). Other features include an 18.5” touch screen LCD display integrated into the side, enabling users to search for information while scheduled content appears on the main displays. Both products can be upgraded with touch screen, Bluetooth, WiFi and anti-graffiti technologies.