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IMAX Corp teams-up with Barco

Barco partner up with theatre giants IMAX to develop laser-based projection technology and enhance overall viewing experience for customers.

Barco has announced an exclusive partnership with the IMAX Corporation to supply its IMAX theatres with projection technology for the next seven years. The deal will see Barco’s Guinness World Record Winning Xenon lamp-based digital projectors deployed in IMAX cinemas, in a move said to immediately enhance The IMAX Experience. Both companies plan to work together to co-develop a new generation of high-performance, laser-based projectors expected to be implemented in 2013. “Being selected by IMAX as the exclusive supplier for the world’s most immersive cinema experience is a strong endorsement of our leadership in the Digital Cinema projection business,” explains Wim Buyens, senior vice president of Barco’s Entertainment Division. “This partnership will strengthen our position as the premium provider of state-of-the-art cinema technologies that provide the perfect match for every screen, whether small or large. What’s more, it will enable us to further ramp up our manufacturing scalability and to continue setting the standard for future technologies.” “As we continue to expand globally, it is critical that our technology partner keeps pace with our ambitions around innovation and growth,” said IMAX chief business development officer Robert D. Lister. “Barco is that partner. A leader in advanced digital and laser technology, Barco is well-known for its quality and integrity. We believe the result of this collaboration will further differentiate The IMAX Experience for consumers, strengthening our value proposition for studios and exhibitors.”