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IBC 2012: New AvediaStream monitor card from Exterity

The IPTV communication solution company has enhanced its AvediaStream c110 IPTV headend chassis with the addition of a system monitoring card.

Exterity has enhanced its AvediaStream c1110 IPTV headend chassis with the addition of a system monitoring card. By enabling monitoring of the chassis fan speed, power supplies and blade health and temperature, the card will provide early warning of any issues which may impact the reliable delivery of the IPTV services supported by the AvediaStream c1110. The AvediaStream c1110 monitor card features 20 external LEDs providing an immediate visual indication of the status of each of the card slots, fans and power supplies of the chassis, highlighting any problems before actual failure. The monitor card will be able to communicate changes to the AvediaStream c1110 over the network protocol SNMP to allow SNMP management tools such as Exterity’s AvediaServer Director to inform administrators of the system status. The monitor card will additionally be able to remotely power up and power down individual AvediaStream IPTV modules in the chassis, reducing power consumption when for example the chassis contains redundant modules for any failover requirements an installation might require. “The new monitor card allows us to provide a new level of IPTV system robustness for organisations where the system is business critical or revenue generating,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity. “Administrators will be able to access the card remotely through a web interface to receive a comprehensive status of the AvediaStream chassis, ensuring any disruption to the IPTV service are kept to a minimum.”