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Habitech introduces ProNet range for smart IP networks

With wireless IP networking becoming an alternative to cabled networks for streamed video and signage content distribution, Habitech has launched ProNet - a new smart wireless IP network offering to support AV system integrators.

Habitech has launched its ProNet range of smart wireless IP network systems, with the initial introduction comrpsing the Ruckus WiFi networking appliances and Draytek routers – capable of transmitting at frequencies up to 5GHz.

The company highlights that video, which needs the higher WiFi speeds now available, is expected to account for two-thirds of mobile data traffic by 2014.

The Habitech ProNet range can provide wireless IP networking to stream video and signage content as its distribution becomes less reliant on cabled networks. The ProNet range is able to provide enough bandwidth for communication to and from devices using high-speed wireless protocols such as 802.11n.

The new solution is said to be quick and easy to install and highly flexible as it can be used to make two-way connections between screens, video players and presentation devices.

The Ruckus range includes Zone Director VLAN controllers and BeamFlex access points which use an ‘adaptive antenna’ to detect user devices and concentrate the WiFi signal.

The beam control functions and other Ruckus features, including automatic channel selection, maximise two-way communications speed, cut down on interference and allow networks to be built using a minimum of ceiling- or wall-mounted transmitters. The transmitters can also be wirelessly ‘daisy chained’ to cut down on cabling requirements and to allow for quick and easy temporary or permanent installation.

“We are not looking at this piecemeal,” commented Justin Martin-Lawrence, Habitech technical manager. “We want to offer installers a platform of complementary brands which will allow them to deliver powerful and secure IP networks. ProNet teams the power of Draytek IPv6-ready routers with Ruckus wireless infrastructure and comprehensive free-of-charge training.”

“WiFi has not been considered a professional distribution medium in the past, but the availability of higher speeds and greater reliability now make it a realistic alternative to hard-wired networks,” stated Daryl Brennan, HabitechPro’s business development manager. “The Ruckus and Draytek products we are now marketing and supporting have a big role to play in organisations that want to stream video to their staff or customers, or who want to install very flexible signage networks.”