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Crestron announces combined EMEA Masters Training event

Crestron’s EMEA Masters Training is to be held on 17-19 May at the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam with 200 Crestron Master Programmers expected. This year’s event will be the first Crestron EMEA training held in a region wide format, as previous courses were held in separate geographical locations.

Crestron started its Masters training in 2002 as a commitment to providing the best training in the industry to its most valued integrators and partners. Attendees to the three-day Amsterdam event will learn about new technologies, gain insight into the Crestron innovation process and engage their peers in a fully interactive learning environment.

This year’s programme will begin with a welcome from Crestron CEO Randy Klein and CTO Fred Bargetzi, as well as a talk by Robin van Meeuwen, president of Crestron EMEA. This will be followed by three full days of intensive classes on topics including: deploying and supporting DigitalMedia technology; implementing Crestron Fusion enterprise management platform; using Crestron PinPoint proximity detection technology; understanding Crestron Studio software and how it simplifies classroom AV system design; and learning the new Crestron Home Elements modules and implementing them with the Crestron Pyng App.

Masters empowers its programmers with new knowledge and skills to continue providing best-in-class solutions to Crestron customers worldwide from a design, programming and user experience perspective. Crestron’s solutions enable enterprises and luxury homeowners to control their AV, climate, lighting, blinds, security needs at the push of a button.

The programme also includes an evening of entertainment for the attendees at People’s Place, a trendy industrial-styled venue situated in the ground floor of Tommy Hilfiger’s European HQ, where the entire lighting system is controlled by Crestron.

“We are delighted to be able to hold an EMEA wide training event this year,” said Steven Dullaert, director customer support Crestron EMEA. “Crestron goes to incredible lengths to ensure these integrators and partners have the best training possible and are operating at the highest level in the industry. The best way to do this is through one combined event. We are excited to continue to build a vibrant network of global programming professionals across the EMEA region, and we applaud our Masters students for their dedication, commitment and continued partnership.”

Cliff Stammers, Crestron Service Provider, commented: “I’ve been programming Crestron systems since 1999, and I can tell you that the level of training and support that we get today is outstanding in terms of its breadth, depth and efficiency – it’s better than it’s ever been.”