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Cinemark sticks with Barco for Latin America digital cinema roll out

Barco and US cinema company Cinemark International have extended their partnership to deploy further DLP projectors throughout Latin America as the demand for the technology in the region grows.

Barco has reached an agreement with US cinema company Cinemark International to supply its DLP Cinema projectors to 12 countries throughout Brazil, Central and South America.

Cinemark was the first company to recieve shipment of Barco’s DLP Cinema 4K projecotrs at the beginning of 2011.

The new deal continues with the cinema company’s expansion of the technology at sites across Latin Amercia after the deployment of 400 Barco projectors in 132 sites throughout the region from October 2010.

The projectors will satisfy demand for high-quality motion picture entertainment in the region following the company’s similar successes in North America.

Ongoing digitalisation of theaters in Latin America is said to be measurably driving profitability for Cinemark International in the form of increased revenues in combination with business model efficiencies gained through the conversion.

“We are pleased to grow our relationship with Barco as they have continued to provide the best and brightest digital cinema solutions and superior customer service for our theaters worldwide,” commented Valmir Fernandes, president of Cinemark International.

“We are honored that Cinemark International has selected Barco as its global digital cinema partner. Their commitment to providing the people of Latin America with the highest quality cinema entertainment mirrors our dedication to this growing region and desire to serve the unique needs of this market,” commented, Ney Corsino, vice president for Barco Latin America. “As Barco continues to introduce exciting new technologies to enhance the entertainment value of cinema, Cinemark will be at the forefront to deliver these innovations to an eager moviegoing public.”