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Canon extends its reach

The company has doubled its range of projectors to four as well as expanding its lens family.

“We want to break away from the idea that we’re not approachable,” said Alan Dempster, Canon’s European product specialist, visual communications products, particularly as integrators have told it they need to work more closely with manufacturers. As an indication of how seriously Canon is now taking this market, it has given over half its stand to meeting partners and integrators, to get feedback on upcoming products, reveal launch schedules, and find out what they want – for example one Belgian integrator has asked for a mechanical shutter to create a total blackout, something it will pass on to Japan. It has also doubled its range of large projectors to four, and extended its lens family with a new “ultra-long lens (the RS-IL04) for integrators working in really large venues where you need a very long throw,” he explained. “We are essentially a lens maker, and we can add value by adding really high-quality lens options.” All four projectors are being shown running in a multi-display, even though they are different resolutions and specifications, using the screens and Wings Engine from one of its partners, AV Stumpfl, whose powerful rack-mount computer can control multiple displays, and was used in one event in Vienna to offer a full 360º panorama. Stand: 1-Q14