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Bosch introduces new DCN conference control unit

Bosch has unveiled its latest central control unit (CCU) for its DCN range of conferencing systems. The new CCU includes features such as 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for protection against eavesdropping.

The new central control unit (CCU) launched by Bosch at InfoComm allows both wired and wireless delegate units to be integrated in one system, facilitating extension of DCN Next Generation systems by adding DCN wireless discussion units.

One CCU is capable of controlling up to 245 wired and 245 wireless delegate units. An Ethernet connection to the control PC can increase distances – in comparison to an RS 232 connection (15m max) – without the need for converters. Other enhancements include 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for protection against eavesdropping. In addition, the wireless system features a voice activation mode, which allows microphones to be switched on automatically once the delegates begin to speak.

Bosch has also increased the number of system trunk outputs on the CCU from two to three. This is said to provide greater flexibility in connecting wired delegate units. The cables can be secured to the system trunk outputs using special locking clips to prevent them from being pulled out accidentally.

Output power on the units has been increased, enabling the CCU to drive more delegate units, and reducing the need for additional power supplies in larger systems. The CCU can also be configured as a network controller, eliminating the requirement for a dedicated network controller required in very large multi-CCU systems (with up to 4,000 delegates).

Bosch is also unveiling its new LC4 wide-angle ceiling loudspeaker at the show. The LC4 is available in 6-, 12- and 24w. Its compact design makes it suitable for tight installation spaces, and its can be mounted in soft or hard ceiling material with a thickness of up to 50mm.